Swaid Sameh Purno
2 min readJun 5, 2020



It is very sad that one class of people in our society still thinks that girls’ clothes are responsible for rape.

But they do not see that nowadays everyone from young girls to old people are suffering from this horrible condition.

If we were to blame only clothing, European countries would already be plagued by anarchy.

But nothing happened there. And this is the understanding of the thinking consciousness of our society.

There is no doubt that the moral decay of our future society will take a terrible turn as the rate of rape is increasing in our country.

When a girl is raped, she dies emotionally and sometimes commits suicide. After the accident our society starts to despise and blame the girl saying that her dress was not right.The girl’s family has to face many problems, but sadly, our social system and the thinking consciousness of the people living in the society is like this, it will take a long time to change.

For all of this I am mainly accused the use of uncontrolled internet, basically teenager. Because the net system is also available in other countries and the people of those countries get better and sophisticated net facilities than Bangladesh.But where? In all these countries, there is not as much rape and moral degradation as in our country.

I think the uncontrolled use of internet in this country, the lack of necessary education on information technology and internet usage, the easy use of net in the hands of minors has brought this decline in the society.

In developed countries, the Internet and other social networking communication are used up to a certain time daily. The rest of the time they perform their necessary activities. Then after a certain period of time, the social networks ase automatically shut down for the day. People in those countries can use the internet properly, in a necessary and controllable way cause they have accurate knowledge about operating or browsing the internet.

Therefore, in order to prevent this decline in our country, the primary education of the proper use of the Internet, physical education and the use of information and communication technology needs to be made compulsory for all over the people of our country. As with other countries, there are a number of groundbreaking steps that need to be taken to address the need for Internet access and ethics.In addition, strict enforcement of the law is also needed. Only then is it possible to implement the true women’s supremacy in the country.



Swaid Sameh Purno

Guest lecturer — Department of English at Luminous University Admission Coaching. BBA, department of Management at University of Dhaka. Lives in Dhaka, Bangel